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To be consistent with our philosophy, our Club goes back to the origins of a “Club”; “An association dedicated to a particular interest or activity”. This is not just another online email group, apart from notifications and reminders the “Dark Horse Bottle & Event Club” will conduct Club business in the real world not the virtual. We want to promote interaction with the Club members, real life conversations, take their beer experiences to share with existing friends, possibly create new friends.

The Club offers:

  • Monthly selection of assorted bottles/cans (Beer, Wine, Dessert Wine; Local, National and International).
  • Menu discounts to members on the nights they come in to collect the club offering (we are unable to offer delivery).
  • Advance notice and first refusal to in-house events (Beer Dinners, Wine Dinners, Beer Week Events, Holiday themed parties).
  • Organized visits as Members of the Bottle & Event Club to local breweries to enjoy tastings with the brew master, beer training, and/or access to Limited and Exclusive offerings produced by the brewery.

How it Works:

  • For a recurring monthly fee of $35.00, the member will receive a selection of 4 to 6 bottles/cans. (The bottles will be selected by the Dark Horse Staff, but requests will be considered.)
  • The membership cost is a whopping zero dollars, but a 6 month commitment is requested. Your payment will be automatically processed monthly. You may cancel any time by sending an email to a week prior to your next payment. Payment in advance for the six months is welcomed, and gets you a $10 discount.
  • You will be notified by email of your scheduled pick-up availability at the bar. You can pick up your selection on the day indicated, or any day after, during normal business hours.
  • Periodic jaunts will be arranged for a nominal fee. We will arrange a night of fun and learning for members to enjoy. (The jaunt will be an optional event for members.)

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